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Dear Emily

What’s new going on with you these days? It seems that I have become an ancient history now? Just kidding, I am doing good and all routine. Since it has been months I have written to you, thought of sending an email, because I know you would be so busy with your work and studies these days you won’ t be getting time to make a phone call. No issues what are friends for? Any way it is perfectly okay and understood…Hey did you remember about last year when we had celebrated Mary’s birthday at some lavish hotel  and we had a great time laughing and had partied whole night.

Remember we had a great laugh when Kimberly fell down slipping and landed her face in the cake which was smudged with cake decoration that was the best party I guess we enjoyed the fullest. It’s for sure that whole group gets along very well playing all sorts of pranks, pajama parties; flunking classes and what not the list will go on. I truly miss all those things and wish we could have never grown up.

I am planning a get together again, will let you know soon about the same. See you soon.

Your best friend

Lavina M.

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