Funny Birth Announcement Email


Subject: Funny birth announcement email

Dear all,

We are so happy to announce that Bob and Tiara has been blessed with a beautiful baby girl. It is the time of joys, happiness and blessings in our family. From one to two, the happy couple have now completed their family tree! A new smile is here to brighten the day; sweet little hands are here to hold on the way.

As we are opening our arms to welcome such a precious one to our family, we would like to invite you to join us on this celebration. We are feeling absolutely over the moon to play, enjoy and cherish our days with our lovely, innocent and sweet baby girl. We are sure that from being such loving couple, Bob and Tiara are now going to be perfect parents.

On the birth of the little princess, we are sure of the upcoming joys, togetherness and happiness. Now we will have teen tows to tickle, the fun to rejoice and the doubled troubles!

She looks so pretty in pink and she is so sweet; from her cute little hands, she has softest feet.

Come and bless her for her blissful future.


Mr. & Mrs. Jackson

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