Funeral Announcement Email

A funeral announcement email is an email which is written by a person to make an announcement regarding a funeral of a person. Such a mail is used to give the details of the person who has passed away and the date and time of the funeral. A sample of a funeral announcement email is given below and can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample funeral announcement email:



Subject: announcement of the funeral of Mr. Tim Lewis

Dear All,

I, Bill Jones am writing this mail to you to inform you that my uncle Mr.  Tim Lewis has passed away yesterday after a heart attack hit him. He had been ill for a long time now and gave up on life yesterday morning.

I wish to inform you that his funeral will be held on 10th Aug 2014 from 8 am onwards at Church Gate Street and I request you all to be present at it to pay him your last respects. Mr. Tim was a very loved soul and was a caring and affectionate person. I remember him to be very intelligent and with a passion for life. His passing away has made us all very sad. But to keep his memories alive, let us all get together and remember the good things about him.

Please don’t be late for the funeral and please be present only in black.

Looking forward to seeing you

Thanking you for your support

Bill Jones

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