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Friendship emails are sent to express how much we care for our friends and how much their presence in our life matter to us. These kinds of emails help us to strengthen our bond of friendship. These emails are usually high on emotional quotient and very touching.

There are different kinds of friendship emails and some of them are as follows:

  • Distant friendship email: This kind of email is sent to a friend who stays far away, in a different city or a different country.
  • Friendship apology email: This kind of email is sent to a friend with whom we had an argument and want to say sorry to them. It is way of making the friend understand that you have realized your fault.
  • Friendship Day Email: These types of emails are specially sent on friendship’s day to show your love and concern.

While writing a friendship email, few points that can be considered to make an effective email are as follows:

    • The email should be convincing to make your friend feel that you are lucky to have him as your friend.
    • The email should not sound formal and must be written from heart
    • You can mention some of the most beautiful incidences which you have shared with your friends in these emails.

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