Friendly Goodbye Email


Subject: Friendly goodbye email

Dear Jamey, Max and Mike,

Today is my last night at ABC town and tomorrow I shall be leaving for XYZ senior high in Oregon. Five years in this town with you has helped me grow up, shape my life. I have spent some of my best days with you here and I am taking along with me, many fond memories.

I will remember my small fishing trips with Max. We sat hours for fishing and there were so many things to talk about. Mike, I can still smell the fresh fruits in your garden. I will never forget our summer afternoons, when the four of us used to sit in your garden and had beautiful times over tea. Janey, I have had some of the most amazing time with you. Our trips to the fairs and walks along the beach have fascinated me. I consider myself lucky to have friends like you.

My five years in ABC town would not have been so charming and fun filled if I had not found friends like you. All of you have given me very precious and cherished times to nurture. I wish all of you a very good life ahead and looking forward to be in touch!

Kind thoughts and wishes for all.

Your friend,


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