Formal Resignation Letter


Dear Harley,

I request you to kindly accept this letter as am resigning from the post of junior recruiter at TRISTO Company. Effective date of my resignation is from  21 February. I have already submitted a pre-statement of my resignation to the company, to avoid any kind of inconveniences.

I am truly thankful to each and every member associated with TRISTO for giving me a platform to culture every bit of business. With due respect, I wish to express my gratitude to all the senior staff, my co-workers and the junior assistants for their professional guidance and encouragement throughout my employment.

I truly regret leaving TRISTO Company with such a favourable working atmosphere and adjust somewhere else, but I have to depart due to some personal reasons. If I could serve for company’s betterment, please feel free to contact me during my remaining working days.

Thanks for understanding.


Hillock Jacob.

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