Formal Complaint Email


Subject: formal complaint against one of your staff members

Dear Mr. Robert Fredrick

I, Henry Adams am writing this letter to you company so as to make a formal complaint against one of the employees who works for your showroom branch in Jack Street in Birmingham. His name is Bill Mathews and he works on the Sofa section of your store. I visited your store on 16th May 2012 and asked Mr. Mathews to help me out with a sofa that I was interested in.

I wanted him to tell me about the sofa and state its price. Mr. Mathews pretended not to listen to me at first as he was busy doing something on his mobile phone. I called him out again and this time he came to help me very reluctantly. He sounded quite rude and uninterested and I asked him to sober down his tone but he refused and continued to act very indifferently. I raised this issue with your store manager but even he seemed to take the side of your employee. I just want you to take necessary action against Mr. Bill Mathews and inform me about the same.

Thanking you

Henry Adams

Mobile: 9897455855

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