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Subject: Follow up mail regarding Cool Drink Bottle

Dear Mr. Stones

I, Greg Samuels am writing this letter to you to follow up the complaint email which was sent by me on 26th Oct 2012. In the email, I had made a complaint regarding one of the cold drink bottles sold by your company. In my mail I had talked about the fact that I had purchased a 250ml Cool Drink Bottle from a departmental store in East London which is called ‘Happy Go Lucky store’. I found the taste of the drink different from the usual taste and even detected a foul smell in it.

I had sent you the bottle with the remaining drink so that you could examine it and get it checked in your advanced laboratory. Now I want to confirm whether or not you received my previous email. If you did so, please revert back to me with a suitable reply and let me know if there was any issue with the drink. I urge you to look into the manufacturing process of the drinks to ensure that people don’t face such issues. For any further information you can please call me on my number 98979-8989.

Thanking you

Greg Samuels

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