Follow Up Apology Email


Subject: Follow up apology email

Respected Mr. Eric,

I am William George, working as a sales executive at your esteemed organisation. I have earlier sent you a mail seeking apologies from you for the lack of professionalism in my work. This is my follow up apology email.

Sir, I am deeply sorry for being so lackadaisical and careless in designing and developing annual sales report. I am sending this email to you to apologise for inappropriate and disrespectful acts that has laid troubles in the company. I have sent you an apology email seeking your forgiveness on 5th September 2012. I have not got any letter from your side granting me forgiveness. I am sending you this email as my follow up apology email to once again ask for apologies from you. Since I cannot alter what has transpired, I promise to work with full dedication and alertness to avoid any such type of mistakes in future.

I deeply value my employment at this company and the professional relationship that I have built with you. I once again apologise for my acts of being so careless and insensitive at my work. Please grant me forgiveness and I promise to serve you with excellence.

Sincerest apologies


William George

Sales Executive

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