Farewell Email Layoff

To: johnbarack@gmail.com

Subject:  Farewell email layoff

Dear John,

Hope you are doing well nowadays. I think you have already received an e-mail from our department regarding your termination of services in our company. I know time is going little tough for you but I hope that the talent that you have will easily get you a new job very soon. As we have already informed you that you will be getting  next two months salary in order to fulfill your basic necessities while you look for a new job in a new company. I am feeling very glad to inform you that our company has decided to give you farewell on 31st June 2012 so that your co-employees can thank you for your invaluable contribution towards the organization. One of the best things about your personality is punctuality which differentiates you from all other employees of this company. Your capability to finish projects before deadline is the most positive aspect about your work profile.

You are requested to reach the auditorium hall on 30th may 2012 at 3PM sharp for the farewell party. I wish you all the best and wish you success in future.

Thanking You

Yours’ Sincerely

Peter Marcus

Manager HR

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