Expressing Sympathy Email


Subject: Expressing sympathy email

Dear Richard,

I am deeply sorry to hear the news about your father. I was shocked to hear about his bereavement. I am sending this email to you to express my deepest sympathies and condolences on his loss. He was such a lively and jolly friend of mine. I will always remember the moments that I spent with him. No words may heal the pain that we carry in our hearts, please take this comfort in knowing that our thoughts and prayers rest with you and your family all this while.

I can truly understand how difficult it is for you to overcome from this loss. If you feel someone to talk to, never feel alone; please feel free to call me. I wish to extend my deepest sympathy in your time of sorrows. He will be in our hearts and prayers always. Please do not feel alone, I will catch-up the very next flight to be with you and your family.

I just want to let you know that it is important for you to act strong to take best care of your mom and siblings. His presence and essence would be forever missed by near and dear ones!

Deepest sympathies and condolences

Take care.


Uncle Paul Charlie

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