Enterprise Email Marketing

To: marketingmanagerpdcilcorporation@gmail.com

Subject: Enterprise email marketing

Dear colleague,

I am writing this mail to give you an important up date regarding the changing marketing strategies by the different enterprises. I have been observing for the last six months that enterprises have started marketing their products by sending an email to individuals. I also want you start such marketing strategies of our newly launched products as soon as possible. It is important to quickly adopt the emerging marketing trends in order to sustain in this highly competitive business atmosphere.

I have come across a research study which concludes that three categories of people are using the internet. The first group of fifty per cent people will not at all read your enterprise marketing mail. The remaining forty per cent will read the promotional email but will plan to buy that product in the future time if required. Finally the rest ten per cent people will buy products when they view the promotional mail. This makes enterprise email marketing the most powerful tool as it can boost sales of a company by almost twenty five per cent.

You requested to start implementing this effective marketing tool as soon as possible.

Thanking You

Yours’ Sincerely

Andrew Cook

General Manager (PDCIL Corporation)

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