Employee layoff email

To: smith12@goldenfinancing.com

Dear Mr. Smith,

Due to the recession period and current condition of Golden Financing Pvt. Ltd, the company management has come up with some decision in order to survive during this tough economic time. We had been hoping to keep all of our company employees, unfortunately, this is not the case. Please find the attached layoff notice in which the name of some employees has been mentioned, who are not able perform well and have been laid off by the organization. This layoff notice is prepared by revising all employment terms.

As you are aware, it is really very difficult to avoid such a severe business impact, we are informing you with regret that you are also on the list. This layoff is permanent. Your allowances and dues will be paid you shortly after submitting a record of job duties and concerned documents.  You will get full salary of this month. If there is any query regarding the above mentioned issue, please approach the HR department.

We are really sorry for losing a sincere employee like you.

Thank you,

Anna Lynn

HR Executive

Golden Financing Pvt. Ltd

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