Emotional Goodbye Email

By | June 4, 2012

To: sophia@email.com

Dear Sophia,

I am writing this email to bid you goodbye before I leave the city. I would like to inform you that my company officials have asked me to relocate to Nottingham to oversee the office there. Having a good experience in this field they are confident that I would be able to manage the branch well and have thus decided to transfer me there. Though I am not very keen on leaving this city, I do not have any other option.

I would really miss you there. I would never be able to forget our long walks, the evening coffee, our never-ending conversations and of course the weekend shopping spree that we indulged in. It would be really difficult to stay without you. However, moving to Nottingham is the need of the hour and I bid goodbye with a heavy heart.

I would try and visit you whenever I get time.

Miss you lots!


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