Emotional Friendship Email

To: Roger.M@gmail.com

Dear Roger,

I am really sorry for what all I did yesterday. You know that how I am and get angry easily but I had no intentions to hurt you. It was just a coincidence to which I reacted adversely.

For instance I was not aware that it was your silly bantering and rather I took it up more seriously and behaved unreasonably which I know is not acceptable. I am embarrassed of myself thinking of the scenario to which I reacted so badly.

I value your friendship and you have been my best friend since my childhood days, I understand that you have every reason to be angry with me, but I am hopeful that you will forgive and forget the fight. Keeping in mind our old friendship I am sure that you will forget the fight as you are not kiddish like me. Accept my apology because our friendship is highly regarded compared to these small fights. I am expecting a friendly reply from you soon.

Your friend

Miley Holmes

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