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Subject: Email marketing Manager

Dear Sir,

I am sending you the mail to inform you about the latest email marketing strategy which has led to huge success amongst our peers. In a research study recently conducted by our commission department, it was reflected that the secret behind immense growth of the competitor companies is that they have successfully implemented the email marketing tool. Some of the companies have reported a jump in sale of over twenty per cent annually simply by using this strategy.

On average , sales of almost all the companies following email marketing strategy has grown by over ten percent as it allows reaching larger masses and even foreign customers at a very affordable cost. On contrary the sales of our company has been declining constantly for the past one year due to weakening in demand and lack of innovative business approach from our company. The time has come to implement this email marketing strategy as soon as possible otherwise it would become impossible for us to get back on growth track.

I would request you start the selection procedure for hiring the email marketing staff at the earliest.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Robert Jones

Director (PDCL Corporation)

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