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Dear Customer (s),

With a huge success of our new showroom at Ansals Street, we are happy to announce that we are in progress to expand it further with our skin care products. As you were our satisfied customer, it is our prime duty to make you aware about our new additions to the already existing skin care products.

We are keeping a complete range of all the international body crèmes along with a body shiner free with it. You can avail many combo products at just a half price. As we are just giving it a start, all the products are available at mega discount with full guarantee of excellent results. To avoid any kind of inconvenience to you, we also provide an offer of home shipping of our products.

Please look into our pamphlet and brochure and expose yourself to the reality. Yes, you will find a huge price difference in our skin care products, compared to other restricted brands.

We wish to build a strong customer relationship with you. Hence, hurry up!


Benz Darwin

Marketing Director

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