Effective Resignation Email

To: cbz@apbmail.com

Dear Mr. Zach,

This email is to formally report my resignation from the post of Assistant Manager from your reputable company, Alsttorm effective from 03 March, 2011. I would most certainly complete my employment and serve for 30 days in my clearance period.

The reasons influencing this decision are known to you, so I would not discuss that topic, though I feel there is much to be said regarding that.

But putting aside such shortcomings, I would definitely wish to mention the quality of work experience I had gathered during my tenure with you. This time has definitely increased my knowledge and skills manifold and for that I am thankful to my colleagues and supervisor.

Please notify me if I can be of any assistance during these last four weeks. If I may be so bold, then please allow me to assist you to fill up the position just vacated by me.

Thanking you,

Ms. Gere Thomas

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