Distant Love Email

To: jenny@hotmail.com

Dear Jenny,

I am sending this email to express how much I am missing you. As days pass by this distance seems unbearable. Each day seems like a year to me.

It has been only two months since I have moved to a different town for my new job, but for me it seems like two years. It is difficult to imagine single moment without you near me. I have lost interest in everything in your absence. I don’t get sleep peacefully. I don’t feel hungry as I am missing the food cooked by you with love and care.  Every breath of mine asks for you and every moment in my mind I think about you. This distance is becoming unbearable.

Baby, I believe that you are missing me too. I am attaching some photographs of mine so that it can compensate a bit for the distance. I love you and will loving you irrespective of this distance.

With love,


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