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Dear Mr. Rivera,

This e-mail is regarding the direct sale offer of Indiana Group of companies Pvt. Ltd in order to clear the off season stock. As per you profile of a medicine company, our company is offering you a heavy discount of 34% on the purchase of any of the chemicals you require. To get more information, find the attached direct sales invitation along with the company profile. Otherwise, you can visit to explore the online shelves of available chemical used for drug production.

All the present chemicals are sold within the due date, and none of the substances are expired. We are giving you guarantee of our chemicals. This stock clearance is held as the Indiana Group of Industries Pvt. Ltd is willing to opt for more stock. Most of the drug companies buy required compounds from us within this peak time only. As you can judge by going through the profile, we are dealing as the wholesaler of drug chemicals.

For any further enquiry you can mail us back or contact through our website.

Thank you so much for considering our direct sales offer!

Yours Sincerely,

Edam Huge

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