Customer Apology Email


Dear Customer,

We are writing this letter in response to your complaint regarding Internet services at your home. Reviewing your file thoroughly, we owe you our deepest apology for the inconvenience caused.

You have registered your complaint on 15th March 2012 to a staff member of installation department. As specified, you are facing a problem of low speed downloading and fluctuations in the internet connectivity. We have forwarded this matter to the installation group and by the end of this week they will contact you. You would be provided with a new router at your place and all the necessary adjustments for the same would be done for your software.

Because of the inconveniences caused to you, we are going to provide you a free package of internet services for first four months. Once again, we are really very sorry for this. We promise to provide you and all of our customers, high level of services in future.

Yours in service,

Leo Dickens
Manager, Customer Solution.

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