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By | June 22, 2012


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Dear Customers,

You will be happy to know that our company has launched the much waited T-phone 6 Smartphone on 18th June 2012.The phone is loaded with the android 5.6 software and a powerful 900 GHZ processor. So forget hanging of the mobile phone when you run multiple application as this Smartphone has got an intelligent 256 MB RAM. You can enjoy the latest games on your Smartphone as it comes with a dedicated 1 GB gaming mobile graphics card. T-phone 6 comes with a Carl zees 16 megapixel camera for clarity of picture and smooth video capture. The phone has an inbuilt memory of 5 GB and is expendable up to 128 GB so that you can seamlessly capture and store the best moments of your life. The media players gives you a rich taste of music and when you put on the earphone you can easily feel the effect of its 5.1 Dolby digital surround sound. This is Smartphone will give a mind blowing experience in the hands of the youngsters.

One of the most remarkable feature of the Smartphone phone is that it offers almost all the latest at the most affordable prices ever. So hurry and get one before the limited stock gets exhausted. You can but the phone from any of our stores located in the city. We are herewith attaching the list of the stores in the city for your convenience. In case if you have any other query, feel free to email us.

Thanking You

Yours’ Sincerely

Jack Paul

Marketing Manager

TPhones Limited.

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