Condolences Announcement Email

A condolences announcement email is an email which is written and sent in the case when a person wants to announce about a certain sad event and the condolence associated with it. The email must mention the person for whom the condolence is announced. A sample of a condolences announcement email is given below for reference.

Sample condolences announcement email


Cc: ,

Subject: Announcement about the condolence ceremony for Mr. Peter Andrews

Dear All,

I, Martha Andrews am writing this mail to you to make an announcement. As you know, my husband and your colleague Peter passed away last week due to shootout in the college campus. We didn’t organize a funeral until now because the body was in police’s custody, but now we are holding a condolence ceremony to bid good bye to him and to let his friends and family pay their condolences to him.

Peter was a really loved husband, father, son and friend and will always remain in our hearts. His death is the most difficult thing that I have ever gone through. The condolence ceremony will be attended by the close friends and family members. The ceremony is to be held at my home address D-45, ClintEast Street, London, UK on 8th July 2014 from 9 am onwards.I miss my husband a lot and would really like your support on the condolence ceremony. Let us all pray so that his soul rest in peace.

Thanking you

Martha Andrews

Mb. 7890977890

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