Condolence Thank You Email


Subject: expressing gratitude for the condolence letter and support

Dear Greg

I received your email today and was very glad that you wrote to me to express your condolence. I really felt strong and well supported knowing that friends like you are there to take care of me during this tough phase of life. I wish to say a big thank you to you through this mail and express my deep gratitude. I am extremely obliged.

My Uncle passed away due to a road accident that took place when he was driving back home from work. It was a very unfortunate day and we all miss him a lot. This is a difficult period in life but people like you make it relatively easy by just being there. I wish you were here with me but understand that you have work related commitments and it is not possible for you to travel so far on such a short notice. I want to thank you again for your support and love and for the fact that you took out time to write to me. Let me know when you are in town so that we can plan to meet.

Please take care of yourself and keep in touch,

Your loving friend

Robert Mathews

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