Condolence Email to Staff

By | October 24, 2011


To Kell Mathews,

Subject: Expressing deepest sympathy and condolence on the demise of your wife Carla Mathews

From deep within my heart, I would like to express my sympathy on the demise of your wife Carla. Words fail me and it is difficult to convey to you how saddened I and my team are on hearing about the unexpected death. Yesterday at 3 pm I got a call from Mr. Tim Brooks informing me about the sudden death and it was nothing less than a shock considering that Carla was in good health and spirit ever since she has been working in this company.

Carla Mathews was one of the most respected employees of Jack and Jill Corp. and has always been an inspiration for fellow employees. She was hard working and with a good sense of humour which has earned her a many friends in the company. May be it is true that god needs good people with him up there and that it why he took Carla so unexpectedly.

Though, we understand as a unit that your grief cannot be shared and it must be a really hard time for you and your family. But don’t hesitate to ask for any help, personal or financial. We understand that your kids too must be sad beyond imagination and would understand if you want to take a break to look after them for a while.

With sincere condolence and sympathy

Jack Earnest

Managing director

Jack and Jill Corp.

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