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Subject: expressing my deepest condolence to you Sir on the death of your brother

Dear Sir,

I, Bill Brown, on behalf of the entire class of Philosophy 2nd year am writing this letter to you to express my sympathy and condolence to you. Sir, we got to know about the death of your brother, David Brown from the college authorities when you didn’t show up at college for 3 consecutive days. We wish to tell you that we all are here for you and would like to extend our support to you and your family in this tough time.

We know that you were quite close to your brother because he visited your office often. I remember one occasion when I entered your office to get an official signature and found you and your brother sharing a laugh. He seemed like a good man like you and I and the entire class of Philosophy pray for his soul to rest in peace. Hope that you are fine sir and would return to college soon, as we miss you a lot here. Be strong and have faith in God.

Yours sincerely

Bill Brown and students of Philosophy 2nd Year

St. Xavier’s college

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