Condolence Email to Family


Subject: expressing condolence to all family members

Dear Martha and the entire Earnest family

I received the shocking news of the demise of Mrs. Sarah Earnest day before yesterday through a common family friend. I couldn’t believe that she had passed away as only a month ago she was in perfect health and condition and I even spoke to her over the phone. It is really upsetting to get this news while I am on a business visit because it makes me so helpless. I would have really come to attend the funeral but unfortunately I won’t be able to make it. I wish to express my deepest condolence to you dear Martha and also to the entire Earnest family.

I just want to tell you that death is an unavoidable truth and one of the harshest realities. We might feel pain and sadness but ultimately one has to come to terms with it. I hope all of you find strength and faith in God and wish that Sarah’s soul rests in peace. As soon as I come back, I shall visit her grave and pay my respect to her.

May god be with you!

Yours lovingly

Paul Newmann

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