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Dear Customer

Subject: Expressing condolence at the demise of your father Mr. Henry Batter

Please accept the deepest condolence on the death of your father from me on behalf of Harrods furnishings, for whom you and your father have been utmost important customers for the past decade. It was really sad to hear about the accident and it took me long to realise the fact that Mr. Henry Batter is not with us anymore. Words fail me on this harsh reality and I hope and pray that you are your family come out of the grief soon and accept that life is truly unpredictable.

Mr. Henry Batter has been our faithful customer for a long time and has always been a source of honest comments on the products and services offered by us. He has seen us grow as a good company and has been almost like a friend to me. I would really like you to let me know if there is anything I can do to help you in this phase of life. Though I understand that your grief is deep and personal but would still like to extend a helping hand.

It is difficult to imagine how you and your family feel and must be going through and this email wouldn’t be the best way to make you feel good, but this has been written in good spirit. Please know that I am with you in this hard time.

Sincere Sympathy

Mark Taylor

Harrods furnishings

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