Condolence Email to Colleague

Dear Stephen,

I am so shocked to learn about your father’s sudden death from Ms. Marry who informed me this evening. I do not find words to explain my grief as it’s hard to believe about his death. I had to reach at the time of funeral, but, unfortunately could not make it because I was out of the city due to some official work.

Your father was a great person, nice, very calm, helpful and a wonderful human and had great intellectual achievements. I have exchanged a few emails with him. Although I met your father very limited number of times but the impression which he left on me is simply everlasting. We will always miss him.

I deeply participate in your sorrow and pray to the almighty that his soul should rest in peace. Please accept my most sincere condolence and also convey to your mother.

My Regards,

Lajos Diosi

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