Condolence Email Format

To: [Email id of the recipient]

Subject: [provide proper subject to the mail]

Dear Mr. /Mrs. [mention the last name of the recipient along with proper salutation before it],

First paragraph: In the first paragraph mention that you feel sad about the death of the person and also mention the relationship of the person with the recipient.

Second paragraph: In this paragraph mention something about the person who has passed away. Mention whether you have met the person or not. In case you have met the person tell about your thoughts about the person. In case you have not met the person, say whatever you may have heard about the deceased.

Third paragraph: In the third paragraph mention that you are there to help the recipient in case he needs any. Also try to convince him to be strong. Say something that will make the recipient feel better.

Yours sincerely,

[Name of the sender]

[Email id of the sender]

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