Condolence Email for Mother


Subject: expressing my condolences

Dear Mom,

I got the news of the demise of your Dog, Brownie yesterday through Dad. I am extremely saddened to know this unfortunate news and can understand the pain and suffering that you must be going through at this time. We all knew Brownie was getting old and was not keeping well from the past 1 year. All of us were even ready for this to happen but still the pain doesn’t seem to diminish. Mom, please be strong as this phase shall pass soon.

I have very fond memories associated with Brownie as he has been my friend and mate for the past 8 years. I remember the time when he went missing for two days and I didn’t eat anything until he came back. I know you were very attached to him especially after I left for college. Mom, I really hope that you are doing fine and taking this in the right spirit. I shall try to come back home as soon as I can because currently my exams are going on. Bid goodbye to Brownie on my behalf and tell him that we all shall miss him very much and think of him often.

With all respect and care,

Your loving son,

Jack Fredson

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