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Subject: Complaint regarding late delivery of computer equipments

Dear Mr. Paul

I, Fred Matt, the owner of Matt Software solutions am writing this letter to you so as to make a complaint against the late delivery of the computer equipments that I had ordered on 8th Oct 2012. As per the contract signed between you and my company, the delivery of products should not take up more than 20 days but I haven’t yet received the order even 25 days after placing my order. The order includes the following items:

  • 2 HP computer Monitors
  • 3 iBall mouse
  • 5 iBall keyboard
  • 2 Dell I Series Laptops

I called your office to confirm whether or not the order was dispatched and I was told that there was some confusion. I want you to make a strict inquiry into this matter and want you to deliver my products within 2 days. If I do not receive all the products on time, then I shall be forced to terminate our contract and break all ties with your computer equipment store for the future.

Hope you will find a solution for my complaint and respond back to this email soon

Thanking you

Fred Matt

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