Complaint Email to Teacher


Subject: Complaint email to teacher

Respected Ma’am,

I am Hannah Paul, mother of, Bob Paul who is studying in seventh grade at your esteemed school. I am sending this email to complain against one of the Bob’s classmates Joe Shane. Since past few days, I was noticing that Bob was speaking less and was afraid to talk to us. When I asked him, he would just nod his head and would not tell me the matter.

Yesterday, when his dad asked him regarding the issue, he told us that Joe is teasing and bulling Bob. Bob told us that Joe humiliates him amongst the group of friends, eats his lunch, unnecessarily slaps him and laughs at him in the class rooms. Since my child is a little introvert and sensitive, he has never complained to you personally. We are really worried for him and have thought to report the matter to you. This kind of behaviour from the fellow class mates is not appreciated and I therefore request you to kindly pay a prompt attention to this.

I hope that our complaint would be resolved at the earliest so that Bob studies in the class room without any fear and interruptions. Looking forward to hear from you.



Hanna Paul

Mother of Bob Paul

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