Complaint Email to Manager


Subject: Registering complaint against a fellow colleague

Respected Sir,

I, Jack Johnson, a staff member of the Music World Music Store am writing this letter to you so as to register a complaint against a fellow staff member of the store. I request you to resolve my complaint, being the store manager. This complaint is being made against David Patrick who works in the Music CD department of the store.

Ever since I joined the store as a staff member in the Movie DVD department, David has been bullying me and passing unnecessary comments. I tried to avoid and ignore him for the initial few days thinking that it was just harmless ragging but he didn’t stop harassing me mentally even after 4 months of my service here. Now I have been forced to write to you so that you can take some action against him. David Patrick calls me and makes fun of me in front of other staff members. He tries to discourage me and pull me down almost all the time. I warned him against making a complaint but that had no effect on him whatsoever.

So I kindly request you to please look into the matter and take necessary action.

Thanking you

Jack Jackson


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