Complaint Email to Landlord


Subject: Complaint email to landlord

Dear Mr. Peter,

I am the tenant of your Apartment number 45, Joy Housing and I am sending this email to complain you about the problems that my neighbours are creating. As you know that I have signed a lease agreement with you 5 months ago and decided to choose this place because of its location, I am highly unhappy with the unnecessary troubles that are being caused by the neighbours staying at apartment number 44.

It has become a matter of every Friday, Saturday and Sunday that these people would play very loud music, shout, party and yell. We are getting disturbed with their acts and it is a serious matter of concern to us. We have asked them to lower the volumes but they react in a very rude manner. We have no problems in adjusting with the infrequent loud noise parties but it has become too much to manage. My small children are facing problems in their sleeping habits and are not being able to manage well with their studies too.

I would therefore like to request from you to kindly resolve the issue and reply back to this complaint mail as soon as possible. Looking forward to your co-operation in this matter.



Franz Harry

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