Complaint Email to Director


Subject: Complaint email to director

Respected Mr. Shane,

I am writing this email on behalf of the employees and members of the financial team of Fortune Enterprises Limited. Through this mail, I would like to complain to you regarding the problems that are being faced by us due to the non-functioning of air conditioners and laptops at our department.

We have reported the matter to our respected team leader on 1st May 2014 but no actions have been taken. It becomes very difficult to work with such faulty laptops and without the functioning of the air conditioning units. We are sure that you can realise that the flawed services at our department is affecting the productivity of the work and of the entire team. In spite of our constant verbal complaints, we have always been said that the air conditioners would be repaired shortly. Also, the water cooler that is installed near the staircase does not dispense cold water and it has a leakage problem.

We sincerely request you to look into the above mentioned problems and take immediate actions so that we can work without any delays and interruptions.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Darwin Noelle

Finance Head

Fortune Enterprises Limited

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