Complaint Email Format

To: [Email id6 of the recipient]

Subject: [here mention an appropriate subject]

Dear Mr. / Mrs. [last name of the recipient]

First paragraph: In the first paragraph mention the reason for writing the email. The sender can also mention the purchase receipt number or the transaction number mentioned in the bill and the date of purchase.

Second paragraph:  In the second paragraph mention the problem faced by the sender in terms of the products purchased or the service received. Also mention the kind of action that the sender expects the seller or the service provider to take. If the sender wants a refund, then state the amount of refund he is expecting.

Third paragraph:  Mention the time frame within which the sender expects the recipient to take action. In case the sender wants to attach the purchase receipt or the bill, he needs to mention that.

Thanking you,

[Name of the sender]

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