Closing company layoff email

By | November 15, 2010


Dear Mr. Spencer,

In response to the economic breakdown and continues losses, we have decided to close all unites of Rainbow Sales Companies Pvt. Ltd. The Board of Directors are no more interested to run this company as no profits have been recorded since March last year. It is not worth of investing in business, which is not capable of covering even the infrastructure expenses. Kindly find the attached closing company layoff notice to get more information.

We have decided to terminate our services with all our existing clients and partners. Therefore, it is requested to you to prepare a balance sheet to shows details of debit & credits. The official date of layoff is November 11th, 2010. Please submit the balance sheet in two days of advance so that we can clear all your payments on time.

Thank you so much for your consistent support and joint venture with Rainbow Sales Companies Pvt. Ltd.

With Regards,

Elena Smith


Rainbow Sales Companies Pvt. Ltd

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