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Dear Mr. Shaw

This email is in regarding a request of change in address as we have moved to a new locality last month. I humbly ask you to change my address which I have attached as an attachment with this email. Kindly make the changes as these changes of address proof needs to be shown in many of my legal documents’.

I tried to come personally and make it but due to my travelling job I am facing difficulty in matching my timings with yours and my parents are quite aged and are not in a position to visit your office to do so. It would be very helpful of you to co-operate in the matter. I am looking forward a favorable reply from your end.

Please let me know in case you need any other documents in completing this procedure I would like to finish this task immediately because this change of address document will be automatically updated in my other documents like telephone bill, electricity bill etc.

Yours Sincerely

Mark Thompson

Ph: 908-887-4532

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