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Condolence Email to Professor

To: Subject: expressing my deepest condolence to you Sir on the death of your brother Dear Sir, I, Bill Brown, on behalf of the entire class of Philosophy 2nd year am writing this letter to you to express my sympathy and condolence to you. Sir, we got to know about the death of your… Read More »

Professional Condolence Email

To:, Subject: expressing my condolence for your loss Respected Mr. Jack I, Kell Peters, the managing director and owner of Peters Incorporation am writing this letter to you in order to express my deepest condolence to you on the demise of your father in a road accident.  I got this sad news from one… Read More »

Condolence Thank You Email

To: Subject: expressing gratitude for the condolence letter and support Dear Greg I received your email today and was very glad that you wrote to me to express your condolence. I really felt strong and well supported knowing that friends like you are there to take care of me during this tough phase of… Read More »

Condolence Email for Mother

To: Subject: expressing my condolences Dear Mom, I got the news of the demise of your Dog, Brownie yesterday through Dad. I am extremely saddened to know this unfortunate news and can understand the pain and suffering that you must be going through at this time. We all knew Brownie was getting old and… Read More »

Condolence Email to Family

To:,, Subject: expressing condolence to all family members Dear Martha and the entire Earnest family I received the shocking news of the demise of Mrs. Sarah Earnest day before yesterday through a common family friend. I couldn’t believe that she had passed away as only a month ago she was in perfect… Read More »

Condolence Emails

Death news brings forth pain and compassion at the same time. Pain for those who lose someone, and compassion in those who witness the loss. But those who stay far away yet close to the heart may not be able to verbally express the pain felt within. Death is a journey for the amorous soul… Read More »

Short Condolence Email

To: Dear Ronny, I am extremely sad to get the news of the demise of your grandfather on 23rd of March 2012 due to heart attack.  I am sorry to hear about his death. I regret that I never got to meet him while he was alive, but, I have heard lot of good… Read More »

Condolence Email to Client

To: Dear Mr. Haynes, This email is to convey my condolences. It is tragic that the managing director of your organization, Mr. Sam Mendes passed away on 27th of March 2012 due to terminal illness. Your organization was our first client and when we had approached your organization Mr. Sam Mendes was the first… Read More »

Condolence Email Example

To: Dear Uric, It is sad to know that Uncle Ben is no more. I got to hear about his death on 20th of March 2012 due to massive heart attack.  I don’t know how to say this, but I have tears in my eyes while writing this email. I have known Uncle Ben… Read More »

Condolence Email Template

To ______________ [email id of the recipient] Dear Mr. /Mrs. [mention the last name of the recipient along with proper salutation before it], I am sorry to hear about the demise of your _______________ [relation of the deceased with the recipient] on ________________ [date on which the person passed away]. It is tragic that he… Read More »