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How to write a formal complaint email

A complaint email is a kind of an email which is written and sent to a person in order to make a complaint either some person or some activity. A formal complaint email on the other hand is a kind of a complaint email that is formal in nature and is sent to someone with […]

Complaint Email Letter

To: Subject: complaint email against the customer care executive Mary Janes Respected Mr. Emanuel I, Yang Mathews, a customer of Vodafone am writing this email to you to make a complaint against the customer care executive working at the Oxford Street branch of your Customer Help store, Mary Janes. I had earlier written a […]

Complaint Email to Manager

To: Subject: Registering complaint against a fellow colleague Respected Sir, I, Jack Johnson, a staff member of the Music World Music Store am writing this letter to you so as to register a complaint against a fellow staff member of the store. I request you to resolve my complaint, being the store manager. This […]

Complaint Email to Vendor

To: Subject: Complaint regarding late delivery of computer equipments Dear Mr. Paul I, Fred Matt, the owner of Matt Software solutions am writing this letter to you so as to make a complaint against the late delivery of the computer equipments that I had ordered on 8th Oct 2012. As per the contract signed […]

Student Finance Complaint Email

To: Subject:  Complaint for delaying in providing student loan. Dear Sir, I have applied for a student loan of total $50000 at your bank on 5th January 2012, for pursuing my higher studies. As mentioned in the company annexure for student loan, a loan applicant is eligible for receiving amount once his document is […]

Follow Up Complaint Email

To:, Subject: Follow up mail regarding Cool Drink Bottle Dear Mr. Stones I, Greg Samuels am writing this letter to you to follow up the complaint email which was sent by me on 26th Oct 2012. In the email, I had made a complaint regarding one of the cold drink bottles sold by […]

Formal Complaint Email

To:, Subject: formal complaint against one of your staff members Dear Mr. Robert Fredrick I, Henry Adams am writing this letter to you company so as to make a formal complaint against one of the employees who works for your showroom branch in Jack Street in Birmingham. His name is Bill Mathews and […]

Unsolicited Complaint Email

To: Subject: Complaint against Unsolicited Email Hi, This is to bring to your notice that since last one week I am receiving unsolicited commercial emails from marketing company namely, twice or thrice in a day. This company seems to be advertising latest handycam and camcorder, by the virtue of which I am receiving […]

Complaint Response Email

To:, Subject: Response to the complaint letter which was sent by you to us Dear Mr. Mathews Hello. Thanks for registering your complaint with our customer care unit. I, Peter Pettigrew, the Senior Customer care representative of Jackson Mobile Company am writing this letter to you in response to your complaint which you […]

Complaint Email to Company

To: Subject: complaint regarding faulty hardware equipment bought from your company Dear Mr. Nathan This mail is being written to make a complaint against one of the hardware equipments that I had bought from your Flagship Store in New Wales Street. I had bought a washbasin in white color which had design number T-56. […]