Category: Complaint Emails

Complaint Email to Hotel Manager

To: Subject: Complaint letter to hotel manager Dear Mr. Yen, I am writing this letter to complain you regarding the unbelievable poor services that I have received at your hotel, Glow Hotels. I was on a vacation with my family and we stayed at your hotel for 3 days, from 1st May to 4th […]

Complaint Email to Landlord

To: Subject: Complaint email to landlord Dear Mr. Peter, I am the tenant of your Apartment number 45, Joy Housing and I am sending this email to complain you about the problems that my neighbours are creating. As you know that I have signed a lease agreement with you 5 months ago and decided […]

Business Complaint Email

To: Subject: Business complaint email Dear Mr. George, I am writing this email to file a complaint against your business company. This is in reference to the bulk order of terra cotta vases that I have ordered from your agency. Though I have received my order on the stated deadline, I am writing to […]

Complaint Email to Teacher

To: Subject: Complaint email to teacher Respected Ma’am, I am Hannah Paul, mother of, Bob Paul who is studying in seventh grade at your esteemed school. I am sending this email to complain against one of the Bob’s classmates Joe Shane. Since past few days, I was noticing that Bob was speaking less and […]

Complaint Email to Director

To: Subject: Complaint email to director Respected Mr. Shane, I am writing this email on behalf of the employees and members of the financial team of Fortune Enterprises Limited. Through this mail, I would like to complain to you regarding the problems that are being faced by us due to the non-functioning of air […]

How to write a formal complaint email

A complaint email is a kind of an email which is written and sent to a person in order to make a complaint either some person or some activity. A formal complaint email on the other hand is a kind of a complaint email that is formal in nature and is sent to someone with […]

Complaint Email Letter

To: Subject: complaint email against the customer care executive Mary Janes Respected Mr. Emanuel I, Yang Mathews, a customer of Vodafone am writing this email to you to make a complaint against the customer care executive working at the Oxford Street branch of your Customer Help store, Mary Janes. I had earlier written a […]

Complaint Email to Manager

To: Subject: Registering complaint against a fellow colleague Respected Sir, I, Jack Johnson, a staff member of the Music World Music Store am writing this letter to you so as to register a complaint against a fellow staff member of the store. I request you to resolve my complaint, being the store manager. This […]

Complaint Email to Vendor

To: Subject: Complaint regarding late delivery of computer equipments Dear Mr. Paul I, Fred Matt, the owner of Matt Software solutions am writing this letter to you so as to make a complaint against the late delivery of the computer equipments that I had ordered on 8th Oct 2012. As per the contract signed […]

Student Finance Complaint Email

To: Subject:  Complaint for delaying in providing student loan. Dear Sir, I have applied for a student loan of total $50000 at your bank on 5th January 2012, for pursuing my higher studies. As mentioned in the company annexure for student loan, a loan applicant is eligible for receiving amount once his document is […]