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Business Dinner Invitation Email

A business dinner invitation email is an email which is written by a person to invite a person or party to a business dinner. Such an email is written using a formal tone and an official format. The email must state the reason for the business dinner, the time of the dinner, the date and… Read More »

New Business Relationship Email

When a business company gets into an association or relationship with a new business company or an organization, it may write a letter or an email to start on a good note and introduce itself properly. The email written to do so is known as a new business relationship email. Such an email must be… Read More »

New Business Announcement Email

A new business announcement email is an email which is sent by a person or party to its customers, clients or partners to inform them about a new business venture or company. The email must act as an announcement of the news or information and should explain the purpose or service of the business. A… Read More »

New Business Proposal Email

A new business proposal email is an email using which a person or a party proposes a new business or business idea to another person or party. Generally, such emails are sent from higher officials of a company to company owners to suggest new business propositions or are exchanged between existing business partners. A sample… Read More »

Follow Up Business Meeting Email

A follow up business meeting email is an email which is written by a person or a business executive to follow up a business meeting which was conducted between the sender and the recipient.  An email of this nature must reiterate on the points discussed during the meeting and must be written formally. A sample… Read More »

Business Email to Schedule Meeting

To: Subject: Business email to schedule meeting Dear Mr. Leo, On behalf of Fortune Enterprises Limited, I am sending this email to request from you to kindly schedule a business meeting. This email is intended as there is a need to discuss on the relevant facts and issues regarding the newly entered business relationship.… Read More »

Business Proposal Rejection Email

To: Subject: Business proposal rejection email Dear Mr. Franz, I am writing this email on behalf of Glow Enterprises Limited. We are pleased to receive a business proposal from your company regarding the delivery of premium quality computer products. We have carefully reviewed and acknowledged that services and offers that were outlined in the… Read More »

Business Request Email

To: Subject: Business request email Dear Mr. Fred, I am writing this email on behalf of Glorious Business Company. Through this email, I would like to request from you to kindly send us a brochure of your company as we are interested in doing business with you. After extensively researching about the leading business… Read More »

Business Relationship Email

To: Subject: Business relationship email Dear Mr. George, I am writing this email on behalf of Holmes Business Agency. As our company has completed 5 years of business relationship with your company, Fortune Enterprises Limited, this email in intended to express our thanks. All through these 5 years of business relationship with your company,… Read More »

Business Meeting Thank You Email

To: Subject: Business meeting thank you email Dear Mr. Leo, I am writing this email with reference to the business meeting that was held on 5th May 2014. I am writing to thank you for taking out time out of your busy schedule for meeting me. I thoroughly enjoyed discussing with you about the… Read More »