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Dear Mr. Johnson,

It is our pleasure to receive your business proposal to work with East Wood Pvt. Ltd. Indeed, it is a golden opportunity for Berkley Mechanicals Pvt. Ltd to design & produce the new machines for your organization. We have taken the initiative to process your proposal with our board of directors. For this decisional procedure, we require certain official documentations as attached list of all along with a brief description.

We really appreciate your business plan as it is very beneficial for both the organizations. We will give out best to get back to you on this as soon and possible. Kindly find the attached minutes of meeting for your future reference held between Mr. Adam Hennery, East Wood Pvt. Ltd and Mr. Jim Hopkinson’s, Berkley Mechanicals Pvt. Ltd.

If you have any query regarding the above mentioned, please feel free to be in touch with our concerned department.

Thank you so much for this amazing business opportunity!

Yours Sincerely,

Susan Paterson

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