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Subject: My sympathies for your business losses

Dear Mr. Hawk,

I recently got the news of the losses suffered in your business. It is really tragic that a great businessman like you had to face such a situation due to the unpredictable conditions of the market.

I still remember that you had started your trading consultancy firm, Invest and Grow Limited with great hopes. It has been ten years since you started this organization. I also remember the struggle that you had to go through in order to start this business. But the success that your business earned compensated for that struggle. Your business was listed as one of the best sharing consultancy firm in the city. But, alas it is a much unexpected situation that the market came crashing down. As a result your clients lost money on their investment. This was a situation which was impossible for any businessman to predict. I know that this will shake the trust of the clients on the organization but they fail to realize that it is no mistake of yours.

In order to compensate the losses of your business, you have to wind up your business which is a great loss for the business world. Do let me know if I can be of any help to you.


Nathan Lane

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