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Dear Troy,

I am writing this letter with a purpose to widen my contacts with big companies like yours. We at ROLL’s Company, currently run a business of export and import. We are into this business since 15 years and hence are skilled with a strong background and experience for this field.

Sir, coming in contact with your company, JOY Company, is now-a days a dream of every businessmen. So, I hereby request you to kindly give a thought for the same. I am very much interested to get in contact with your employees and their style of work. May be, this joint course of action brings us success in long term in the International market as well.

I am looking forward to hear a positive reply from you. I really wish to join hands with your company and hence widen my networks across the globe. Please contact me on 873473873 or a reply back to this email.

Thanks a lot for your consideration.


Jacob Thomas

Manager, ROLL’s Company.

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