Business Meeting Follow Up Email


Subject: Business meeting follow up email

Respected Mr. Fred,

I am writing this email with reference to the business meeting that we attended on 7th May 2014. I would like to first of all thank you for taking out time out of your busy schedule to meet me over a business meeting and it was a great experience to discuss about the possibility of the business collaboration with you. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting a great business professional like you and the knowledge that you have shared would surely be helpful for me and my organisation.

With this follow up email, I would like to request from you to kindly send us the documents of your business policies and terms and conditions so that we can review it carefully. We are particularly interested in the rubber and vinyl pipelines because our company deals in the retailing and distribution of these products. I also request you to kindly send us other needed documents so that we can send our executives for the further business dealings and procedures.

I once again express my thankfulness towards you for meeting me over the business meeting. We look forward to have business with you.

Thanking you.


Troy Franz


Glow Business Agency

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