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Sub: Invitation for Business Event

Respected Mr. Ray,

This email is to invite you to the business event that is being organized by our organization, Gas Garments Limited. The event will be taking place on 12th of April 2012 at Royal Ball Hall located at 23 Aspen High Street, New York New Jersey 2378.

The reason for conducting the business event is to give an introduction to prospective investors and clients about the profile of our organization. Our organization has started its operation one month back and we feel that it is necessary to have certain recognition in the market. The event will be attended by representatives from other reputed organizations. The event begins from 10 a.m. and ends at 6 p.m and will have Lunch at 2 PM and high tea at 6 PM.

I hope you would accept our invitation and attend the event. It would be an honor for our organist ion if you attend the event.


Jack Ripper

Managing Director

Gas Garments Limited

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