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With the advent of technology, email has become one of the most dominant forms of business communication. Deals are agreed and sealed over them, new alliances are forged, partnerships renewed, projects framed or scrapped. Hence the importance of a business email is immense in today’s corporate world. The business email has indeed come to represent the business image of a company. It tells the story about the company’s position, its ideals and objectives, the confidence it has on its projects and the efficiency and business acumen of its support staffs. Thus, it becomes almost an imperative to portray the right kind of image through an email.

Since so much depends on the drafting of a business email, there are certain etiquettes one must follow in order to ensure a perfect documentation of a business email.

  • Brevity: Perhaps the first thing that one should keep in mind is to keep it short. This shows that the writer values the time of the recipient and appreciates their effort to squeeze time of their busy schedule to read the mail.
  • Wording: The wording has to be formal, polite yet engaging and compelling. A second person addressing would render the mail a personal touch and impress the reader.

  • Accuracy: The mail must be perfectly worded, properly addressed and devoid of any spelling and grammar mistakes whatsoever. The content should also be accurately stated.

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