Business Email Format

Client’s Name:

Client’s Title:

Client’s or Company’s address:


Dear (client’s name)

First Paragraph: I am very delighted to announce (state the new announcement and do mention it pertains to which section or department of the organization). We at (Briefly introduce your company. Mention about your category of specialization so that the client becomes aware of the area where you enjoy an edge over others).

Second Paragraph: We have come with a great offer (state the details about the offer. Don’t brag at length. Rather keep it short and simple. Here the wordings can do the trick for you. A very good content will definitely leave a trace of hunger in the buyer’s mind).

If you so wish, you may please visit our website (give the name of the website)

Third Paragraph: If your have any query, you may please contact us at (give the telephone number and the email address).

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