Business Dinner Invitation Email

A business dinner invitation email is an email which is written by a person to invite a person or party to a business dinner. Such an email is written using a formal tone and an official format. The email must state the reason for the business dinner, the time of the dinner, the date and the venue of the dinner as well. Given below is a sample of a business dinner invitation email for reference purpose.

Sample business dinner invitation email:



Subject: business dinner invitation email

Dear Mr. Peter

I, John Harvey, the vice president of Mont Blank Corporation am writing this mail to invite you for an official business dinner next week.  In the midst of the ongoing business partnership deal, this meeting will be discussing the major terms and the distribution of duties.

The business dinner will be held on 14th September 2014 from 8 pm onwards. You are requested to be on time and reach the Dining room of Hilton Hotel. You can come along with 2 more guests who can be anyone from your senior team of officials. Please be present in formals as the dress code of the dining room is strictly formal. The meeting will be important for our future relations and is one of the highlights of this business arrangement between us.

I am really looking forward to this meeting and am eager to take this deal forward.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

John Harvey


Mont Blank Corporation

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